It has equable weather with the maximum and minimum temperature being 27 degree and 19degree in summer and 15degree and 0degree in winter. April to June before the monsoon sets in is the season for flowers while the second season from September to mid-November is ideal for post monsoon freshness.
The rivers of Kumaon, Uttaranchal are inviting enough for both the amateur as well as the die-hard professional. One can opt for canoeing, kayaking or rafting, depending upon the nature of the water.
Gear yourself for high adventure with an expedition on cycles. You can pedal your way past high passes or simply make a day-adventure.
Naturally Nepal is a simple expression that repackages Brand Nepal in a positive light. Once is not Enough not only accurately captures the tourist's emotions at the airport's departure gate but also serve as a decision tool that enables the Nepali tourist industry individually and collectively to focus both on consumer retention and acquisition.
Camping is a fine art in Rajasthan with established camps in set locations that would be fit for royalty. Especially created tents include those with bedrooms, a small hallway or leisure area and attached bath.
by foreign climbers is the Nun-Kun massifin the Great Himalayan Range. Its easy accessibility from the Kargil-Padumroad and the shortest possible approach march to the base camps makes this massif the most attractive climbing